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The parking lots closest to the hotel – Hotel La Locanda
Parking in Volterra is not always an easy task, especially because the city itself seems to have space problems. The historic center is a completely limited traffic zone, and this further reduces the chances of finding a parking space, but to be honest it is good to stay away from this area, to avoid unpleasant surprises!
Our hotel is located within the ZTL area. The historic center of Volterra is a Limited Traffic Zone (abbreviated, ZTL) and special permits are required
to enter it. Very high fines are foreseen for those who access it without permission. Do not enter the large doors that line the medieval walls without permission!
If you need to enter the ZTL to unload your luggage it is good to know that the ZTL is active from 7.00 am until 8.00 pm; so you could access it outside these hours without permission and above all without worrying if we at the hotel have issued you a temporary entry permit.
The reception of the Hotel La Locanda, without the gift of foresight, cannot know if you have come to Volterra by car, on foot, by taxi or in any other way possible. Make sure you tell the hotel if you will come by car, so that the staff can alert the police and turn in your registration number; this way you will not be included in the list of cars to be fined for entering the historic center without permission.
It is true that Hotel La Locanda is located within the Limited Traffic Zone, but luckily we are 30 meters from Porta Fiorentina. If the need should be to unload your luggage and get people traveling with you, you can easily stop outside Porta Fiorentina. No permission required!
In any case you cannot park inside the ZTL. Therefore we list the nearest parking lots. At your choice, free or for a fee.
1 min - 97 m

Parcheggio Fiorentina

Paid parking, suitable for accessible tourism. Very close to the property, but very difficult to find free as it can accommodate a few places.

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12 min - 160 m

Parcheggio Porretti

Paid parking. In front of the Roman Theater there is a patch of half-moon land used for parking. It is located along the Via Franco Porretti road, not to be mistaken for the large Vallebuona car park opposite: the latter is for residents only!

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2 min - 180 m

Parcheggio Docciola

For long stays it is best to park in the Docciola gravel square: it's free! To reach the Hotel it is necessary to go back to the center along the road or continue along the Via di Docciola staircase, which is as beautiful but also it is difficult for an elderly and or disabled person.

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