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Info – Hotel La Locanda


Our Services

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As soon as you arrive at Hotel La Locanda, you will find attentive service, discreet, always there for your every need, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Whether it’s booking a museum, setting up a restaurant or a theater, organizing a tour or a transfer, our staff will always be ready to help you at any time, providing you with a range of Exclusive Services that you
could hardly find in any other hotels with 3 stars.
Expect more out of your travel.
Hotel La Locanda goes beyond the expected, offering everything from well-appointed guest rooms to upgraded amenities. Our staff is committed to deliver the highest degree of hospitality and unmatched value-around the block and around the city.
You can rely on us to resolve any small unexpected events during the holiday/stay; we will soon learn to know your needs and try to satisfy you the best way that we can.
Below we will list some of our free and paid services!
We will answer some basic questions and give you some essential tips.
Free Breakfast

Breakfast with
continental buffet
and typical products

Free and Paid

Public parking lots
near Hotel
La Locanda

Internet Anywhere

Free Wi-Fi throughout
the structure
and in the rooms

4-legged friends

Pets of small
size are

Old Town

Tips for
live better
the center of Volterra

Private garden

Relax in our
peace and harmony!

Discovering historical shops

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The ancient art of alabaster carving is an intrinsic artistic craft which only belongs to the historical hilltop town of Volterra.
Volterra abounds in workshops and shops that have been displaying alabaster artifacts for decades.
Exploring the alabaster workshops is an extremely interesting experience not only for visitors but also for the local inhabitants who often go in to browse and chat with the artisans. The master craftsmen will enthusiastically tell you about the history, the working techniques and even add some anecdotes
concerning the alabaster craft.
You can explore the alabaster workshops anytime of the year- all you need to know is where to go!
Elisa Grandoli

Explore the
most interesting
alabaster workshops

Rossi Alabastri

The radiance of white,
the stone of light.

Giannelli Gloria

The traditions of
the craft in the
past and in the present

Enrico Pruneti

Explore, browse and touch!
Take our fond memories
away with you.

Renzo Gazzanelli

High quality
made in Italy!

The parking lots closest to the hotel

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Parking in Volterra is not always an easy task, especially because the city itself seems to have space problems. The historic center is a completely limited traffic zone, and this further reduces the chances of finding a parking space, but to be honest it is good to stay away from this area, to avoid unpleasant surprises!
Our hotel is located within the ZTL area. The historic center of Volterra is a Limited Traffic Zone (abbreviated, ZTL) and special permits are required
to enter it. Very high fines are foreseen for those who access it without permission. Do not enter the large doors that line the medieval walls without permission!
If you need to enter the ZTL to unload your luggage it is good to know that the ZTL is active from 7.00 am until 8.00 pm; so you could access it outside these hours without permission and above all without worrying if we at the hotel have issued you a temporary entry permit.
The reception of the Hotel La Locanda, without the gift of foresight, cannot know if you have come to Volterra by car, on foot, by taxi or in any other way possible. Make sure you tell the hotel if you will come by car, so that the staff can alert the police and turn in your registration number; this way you will not be included in the list of cars to be fined for entering the historic center without permission.
It is true that Hotel La Locanda is located within the Limited Traffic Zone, but luckily we are 30 meters from Porta Fiorentina. If the need should be to unload your luggage and get people traveling with you, you can easily stop outside Porta Fiorentina. No permission required!
In any case you cannot park inside the ZTL. Therefore we list the nearest parking lots. At your choice, free or for a fee.
1 min - 97 m

Parcheggio Fiorentina

Paid parking, suitable for accessible tourism. Very close to the property, but very difficult to find free as it can accommodate a few places.

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12 min - 160 m

Parcheggio Porretti

Paid parking. In front of the Roman Theater there is a patch of half-moon land used for parking. It is located along the Via Franco Porretti road, not to be mistaken for the large Vallebuona car park opposite: the latter is for residents only!

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2 min - 180 m

Parcheggio Docciola

For long stays it is best to park in the Docciola gravel square: it's free! To reach the Hotel it is necessary to go back to the center along the road or continue along the Via di Docciola staircase, which is as beautiful but also it is difficult for an elderly and or disabled person.

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Photograph the beauties that surround us

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The Elsa Valley and the Cecina Valley are two absolutely charming areas to visit in Tuscany. Hotel La Locanda is an excellent base from which to explore all that Tuscany has to offer.

From here you can take a trip to visit the historical center of Volterra continue to the quaint village of Mazzolla and on further tothe Medieval town of San Gimignano.

On a fine day you can choose to have a swim in the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy a stroll through the coastal Pine forests between Cecina and Bibbona.

Hotel La Locanda is ideally located for leisurely country walks and bike rides.

We have listed a few of the places of interest in the vicinity of the hotel which can be reached on foot.

1 min - 97 m

Chiesa San Michele

The church we see today is the result of numerous embellishment interventions that have taken place since the Middle Ages until the last century. Located in the small square adjacent to the hotel, it represents the church of the “Contrada” where you will stay: welcome to the “Contrada Sant'Agnolo”.

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12 min - 160 m

Palazzo Viti

Palazzo Viti is one of the most beautiful private residences in Italy. Everything remained as the nobility of the time wanted it to remain. A room more beautiful than the other, to admire a path outlined by ropes and red carpets.

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2 min - 180 m

Teatro Persio Flacco

The Persio Flacco Theater is a building of its own with a predominantly neoclassical architectural style, with a Renaissance facade and eclectic interior, while the basic structure of the auditorium plant is ovoid.

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2 min - 200 m.

Teatro Romano

The archaeological area of Vallebuona is one of the most important sites where it is possible to understand the urban and historical evolution of Volterra, it is a large space on the northern slopes of Volterra, just beyond the medieval walls.

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3 min - 260 m

Pinacoteca Civica

It is not considered to be the best of Volterra's museums, but the Art Gallery houses many valuable works such as the Deposition by Rosso Fiorentino. Only if it was for this work would be enough to visit the Palazzo Minucci - Solaini.

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3 min - 265 m

Ecomuseo dell'Alabastro

The Alabaster Ecomuseum is an environmental museum that, from the quarry of the stone, leads to the center of production and marketing, Volterra, precisely, a city with an ancient tradition in this sector.

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4 min - 290 m

Chiostra Guidi

As beautiful, as it is barely visible from the traveler who passes quickly by the even tighter road, just where the building stands, Palazzo Guidi took its name from one of the most illustrious Volterra families. In here there is a beautiful cloister.

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4 min - 300 m.

Palazzo dei Priori

The Palazzo dei Priori, or municipal building, is one of the best examples of a public building of the communal age in Italy. It rises in the main square and offers great visions if you reach the final summit. On top of the bell tower you can see a heavenly view!

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