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Discovering historical shops – Hotel La Locanda
The ancient art of alabaster carving is an intrinsic artistic craft which only belongs to the historical hilltop town of Volterra.
Volterra abounds in workshops and shops that have been displaying alabaster artifacts for decades.
Exploring the alabaster workshops is an extremely interesting experience not only for visitors but also for the local inhabitants who often go in to browse and chat with the artisans. The master craftsmen will enthusiastically tell you about the history, the working techniques and even add some anecdotes
concerning the alabaster craft.
You can explore the alabaster workshops anytime of the year- all you need to know is where to go!
Elisa Grandoli

Explore the
most interesting
alabaster workshops

Rossi Alabastri

The radiance of white,
the stone of light.

Giannelli Gloria

The traditions of
the craft in the
past and in the present

Enrico Pruneti

Explore, browse and touch!
Take our fond memories
away with you.

Renzo Gazzanelli

High quality
made in Italy!